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Commodities + Asset Acquisition + Investments + Commercial Real Estate

We currently have a number of off-market hotels, commercial and residential opportunities within the UK - if you are an investment fund, hedge fund or private family office then contact us: raja.qadeer@commodxglobal.com or donna@commodxglobal.com.

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About us

Commodities + Asset Acquisition + Investments + Commercial Real Estate

COMMODX Global Group Limited is an asset acquisitions and commodities firm located in the United Kingdom. We have a dedicated and experienced team of experts that specialise in commodities (iron ore, oil and gas, jet fuel, precious stones, gold and mining), asset acquisitions (off-market commercial real estate in United Kingdom with/without planning, hotels etc.) and investment opportunities.

Our role is three-fold: 1) Source genuine commodities, asset acquisitions and investment opportunities through a network of long established and vetted sources; 2) Source direct buyers (investment funds, private investors and commodity firms; 3) Act as middle-man to handle the transaction between the buyer and seller to ensure a successful outcome.

Our current portfolio of clients range from private firms, hedge funds, investment banks, refineries and trade desks. We are also direct to many sellers/title owners/JV partners/mine owners of physical commodities such as iron ore, diamonds, gold etc. as well as sellers of large real estate assets from hotels to commercial/residential assets.

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We are available from Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM to 19:00 PM BST.
Contact us via Phone : (+44) 208 123 7132 or Email : raja.qadeer@commodxglobal.com

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